Exterior Wall  

EXTERIOR WALL Ceramic InsulCoat R:E


Ideal for all Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings

For use on virtually all surfaces such as * Stucco * Cement * Concrete Composite Cementitious Siding * Wood * Composite Wood Products * Vinyl  * Primed Metals *

CERAMIC INSULCOAT- EXTERIOR WALL is a strong, tough coating, formulated with "CERYLIUM", a proprietary formula of precision blended, high performance ingredients in a complex, 100% acrylic suspension with superior adhesion, breathability, elasticity and weatherproofing.  It is designed to provide the ultimate protection against ultra-violet degradation and weathering.  Ceramic InsulCoat EXTERIOR WALL has demonstrated thermal resistance under laboratory tests when compared to Batt Insulation. For optimum results always use highest standard building envelope preparation systems.

Ceramic InsulCoat Exterior Wall Benefits

Long-lasting Finish - Lasts up to three (3) times longer then paint.

Thermal Barrier - Protection. Ceramic particulate reflects heat, enhances heat management and extends life-cycle performance factors.

Energy Efficient - Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Exterior Wall and Roof Coatings Systems helps reduce energy by reflecting heat rays away from the coated surface. End-users report up to forty percent (40%) reduction in energy consumption, plus greater comfort.

Fire Resistant - Does not burn in the pail. Self-extinguishing; does not support flame spread.

Environmentally Friendly - 100% acrylic water-based product that meets today's strict environmental guidelines.

Breathable - Allows water vapour to escape from the interior.

Titanium Dioxide Enriched - Is an excellent UV inhibitor.

Weatherproof - Creates a weatherproof membrane that significantly reduces potential damage and deterioration of the substrate. Reduces rot and mildew formation.

Flexible - Expands to 160% with full memory return.  Withstands normal building expansion and contraction.  Resists chipping, flaking or peeling.

Re-coat Time - Product may be recoated as early as 2 - 4 hours after first coat has been applied in moderate to low ambient humidity.

Colour-Fast - Full range of colours. Resists fading. White, pastels, bright, and accent colours available.

Simple 5-step Restoration Process

1. Pressure wash and clean, or airbrush and clean substrate.

2. Remove all loose materials.

3. Repair all leaks.  For substrate restoration, Master Painters preparation guidelines are recommended.  Use proper envelope or substrate preparation systems.

4. Apply Ceramic InsulSeal to porous substrates.  Appropriate primers may be required.

5. Finish with Ceramic InsuICoat WALL for protection, enhanced thermal barrier and  beautification.

Ceramic InsulSeal is a specially formulated soaker-sealer designed to penetrate porous substrates and provide superior micro-mechanical anchoring points.  Ceramic InsulPatch is a cementitious compound easily used to emulate a wide variety of substrate profiles.  May be used to fill cracks to exact requirement.

   Product Data

Characteristics Test Method Observation
Weight per US G (3.78L) FTMS 141 - Method 4184 11 Lbs (4.99Kg)
Non-Volatile Solids FTMS 141 - Method 4041

By weight: 69.1%

By volume: 60.9%
Viscosity FTMS 141 - Method 4281 Stormer Viscosity: 100 revolutions in 8 seconds at 500 grams
Toxicity FTMS 141 - Method 511

Material is non-toxic & requires no special ventilation during application.

Contains no materials considered to be health hazards.
Flammability ASTM 1360 - DOT-MVSS 302

In container: Non-flammable

On concrete: Self-extinguishing - does not support flame spread.
Package Stability  

One year + after opening: no settling or other undesirable effects.

Materials completely dispersed after stirring
Abrasion Resistance

FTMS 141 - Method 6192

Tabor C17 Wheel - 100 grams - 1000 cycles

Weight loss in grams:

InsulCoat Roof with aggregate: ..............41g

InsulCoat Roof without aggregate: .........14g

Epoxy floor coating without aggregate: ....9g   (Typical)

Impact Resistance ASTM D2794 28 inch-pounds of impact with no break in the film surface. Typically, 20 inch-pounds of impact is considered to be a high performance test result.
Flexibility FTMS 141 - Method 6222 Withstood deformation of 1.5" - 38mm to 1/8" -3.2mm on a metal substrate with no loss of adhesion, cracking, chipping or flaking (mandrel test).
Elongation ASTM D2370 12 mils - 0.31mm dry film thickness stretched 160% with 100% full memory. This was the full extent of the elongation and the film never did break.
Water Resistance (wind-driven rain)


Water driven against test surface at a dynamic pressure equivalent to 98 mph

Time for water to penetrate:

One Coat: &&&6.3 mils &&&..30 minutes

Two coats: &&..10.0 mils &&&11 hours


Moisture Vapour Transmission ASTM E96 - Procedure B

20.0 perms

A "perm" is a unit of measure expressing a coating's ability to allow moisture vapour to pass through the film, or its "ability to breathe". The lower the "perm" rating, the more likely the coating will blister over time.
High Humidity Resistance

FTMS 141 - Method 6201

100% condensing humidity at 107° F - 41.67° C

336 hours with no evidence of film deterioration, blistering or peeling from substrate

(250 hours required to pass Federal Specifications)
Salt Spray

FTMS 141 - Method 811.1

100% condensing 5% salt fog at 95° F - 35° C

336 hours with no evidence of film deterioration, blistering or peeling from substrate

(250 hours required to pass Federal Specifications)
Artificial Weathering

ASTM E42 - Carbon Arc weatherometer

250 hours equivalent to 5 years
After weatherometer testing (simulated rain, heat, ultra-violet ray and normal weather cycling) the coating showed no evidence of chalking, blistering or peeling, cracking or checking and only slight yellowing of the 100% titanium dioxide white colour.
Fungus Resistance FTMS 141 - Method 6271 No fungus growth when material tested in an environment of three organisms


Material Single component, ready-to-use from container with little or no stirring required

Approximate Coverage

Dependent on application methods

Rough porous surface: .................................... 100 to 175 sq. ft/gallon

Smooth, tight surface: ..................................... 175 to 225 sq.ft./gallon

Dry Film Thickness

One coat: ......................................................... 5 to 7 dry mils

Two coats: ...................................................... 10 to 12 dry mils
Substrate Preparation Dry, clean, tight surface with no gloss. - will bridge hairline cracks
Application Temperature Range 39° F - 4° C substrate to 80° F - 29° C ambient air in direct sunlight
Application Method 1.5" nap roller - brush - airless sprayer (0.023" - 0.584mm tungsten-carbide tip)
Initial Cure (tack-free)   Air dry, 15 to 30 minutes with moderate to low ambient humidity
Primary Cure Air dry, 48 hours at 50° F -   15.5° C or greater surface temperature with moderate to low ambient humidity
Final Cure 90 to 120 days
Solvent (before curing) Water
Cohesion Strength                                        

Outstanding bond to dry or slightly damp surfaces. Strong cohesion to any clean, dry concrete, masonry, asphalt, brick or wood surfaces.

Hydrostatic pressure will disrupt this bond.
Specification for application Envirocoatings requires a two-coat system of 10-12 dry mils over a clean, dry, sound substrate. In some cases where minor dusting off is occurring and the substrate has been properly cleaned according to MPDA standards, Insulseal or Insulseal 5.0 may be applied as a penetrating conditioner, to help solve this problem. Due to the nature of dusting off this system will only work where minor dusting off is occurring.

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Technical Data

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